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I changed my master PIN and forgot what it is, can I change it back?

If you accidentally changed or forgotten the master PIN then you will need to perform a factory reset. We have included the factory reset in the description for each door lock. You can also find the factory reset in your user manual and on the inside of the battery cover for the mortise door locks. The default master PIN will be 1324.

Do you have an installer in my local area?

We have installers available only in our office's local area (Los Angeles and Orange county).

I am having a custom door made and like these mortise locks, do you have any information regarding the door cut out measurements?

Please contact us for this information. We have drill templates, installation instructions, and user manuals available in PDF format for your convenience.

When I try to program additional passwords or PIN numbers it changes the master PIN instead. Why?

Programming a password is exactly the same as programming the master PIN but with one additional step. The password must be assigned an user ID. Assigning an user ID comes right before you create a password and must use two numbers for singular digits ie. 01 for 1.

The keypad does not light up but the door lock works fine. What can I do?

Take off the interior panel and check the wiring which comes from the exterior panel. Pull back the protective sleeve and inspect for damage to any of the wires. Check the connector to see if any of the metal clips have popped out. Then check the header on the circuit board to see if any of the metal pins are bent or missing. Align the grooves and plug the connector firmly back into the header. Put it all back together and check results.

When the door automatically locks the deadbolt extends and retracts 3 times and does not lock the door. What can I do to fix this?

There is resistance preventing the deadbolt from functioning properly. Firstly we need to determine the location which has caused the issue. Open the door and have the door lock automatically lock (with the deadbolt version the close button can be used and for mortise types you can push and hold the sensor at the bottom of the mortise). If the lock functions normally then it is an issue with the strikeplate area. Either the hole is misaligned or not deep enough for the deadbolt to fully extend. If the issue persists then the metal plate underneath the interior panel most likely has its screws overtightened. This will cause compression on the interals of the door lock. Loosen the metal plate screws until they barely hold everything together, the door lock will tighten up more with the 4 screws for the interior panel. Also check the tailpiece to see if it is bent or doesn't turn at least 45°.

The latch does not retract or move when unlocking the door. Why is my latch not working properly?

Samsung latches work differently compared to other/older mortises. The latch is flat on one side (the side that faces inside) and 45° on the other (facing outside). When the door handle is operated it turns the handleshaft which then turns mortise gear. The difference is that it will not retract the latch but it does unlock the latch. When the latch is unlocked it can then flip back and forth like a flipper. Thus the 45° will then face the opposite directions from the force of the door being opened. The latch will then retract from the contact the 45° angle side has with the strikeplate. If visual reference would help better explain you can check out our youtube video explaining it _______

My screen looks like it is cracked or peeling. Can I fix this?

There is no fix for this. It can be caused by salt corrosion(coastal area), oils from fingers, cleaning products, the sun, etc. The cause can be anything but this issue is very rare. Samsung does not have replacement screens and the whole exterior panel would need to be replaced.

The door does not open properly because the battery has run out. How can I open the door?

Buy a 9V battery (6LF22 alkaline) have the battery make contact with the battery charging terminal at the front of the keypad, the bottom, or side of the product. This will allow you to complete authentication by using your preferred access method.

I hear music from the door lock each time I open the door. Why?

The music is a warning that your batteries in your door lock are running low. Check if you have replaced only one of the batteries and that the batteries have been inserted correctly. If in doubt, please replace all batteries with new ones.
※ If the problem continues even after you have tried all of the above, please contact the store where you purchased the door lock.



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