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How do I do a clean install of the firmware?

1. Take your microSD card out of your dash cam.

2. Plug it into your computer using the microSD card reader.

3. Go to https://www.blackvue.com/downloads/

4. Scroll to the bottom and look for download firmware and click it to open the sub menu. Scroll down until you see your Blackvue model and click it. This will open up more info and links to the downloadable firmware. Make sure it is in the language you prefer. It will come in a zip folder.

5. Now format your microSD card in FAT32. Use the Blackvue Viewer (PC or MAC) program to format the card. If you do not have the Blackvue Viewer it can be downloaded at the same location as the firmware.

6. After the format is complete, open the firmware zip file that was downloaded. Inside the zip file should be a folder labeled "Blackvue".

7. Drag the "Blackvue" folder onto your formatted microSD card. After the file is moved you can unplug the microSD card from the computer.

8. Insert the microSD card back into the dash cam. Turn on the dash cam and wait for it to say "upgrading". Do not turn off the power. Once it reboots, everything will be back to factory default settings with the latest firmware installed.