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Should I use digital door locks?

Let’s dive into the latest digital door locks and some advice on choosing the right digital door lock for you.

A digital door lock technology developed drastically over the ten years. From WI-FI enabled door lock to biometric door lock, these technologies have transformed the way of unlocking the doors. Furthermore, the most up-to-date door lock technology allows us to unlock the digital door lock with our voice or smartphone apps by using smart home devices such as Amazon Echo, Samsung smart things, Google home, and more.

But can we trust these digital door locks? Do these digital door locks make your home more secure? Or what will be the main drawbacks having these fancy door locks?


Are you good at technology?

If you are a tech-savvy person, then digital door locks are the best option for you. In contrast, if you are a person who can’t figure out to record TV dramas such as Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones by using your DVR, then, digital door locks might not be fit for you.


2017 Digital door lock types on the latest market

Bio-metric digital door lock:
A user can unlock the door lock simply using own fingerprints. This fingerprint door lock has become popular thanks to the smartphone bio-metric screen unlock technology development. Will it be cool to unlock the door lock with your fingerprints?

RFID door lock:

“RFID (radio frequency identification) is a technology that incorporates the use of electromagnetic or electrostatic coupling in the radio frequency (RF) portion of the electromagnetic spectrum to uniquely identify an object, animal, or person.”

Simply carry either a RFID tag or a RFID card, then, the RFID door lock will be unlocked automatically or with a simple tap; or press the RFID remote control button to unlock the door lock in your driveway.

Z-wave door lock:

“Z-Wave is a wireless communication protocol primarily for home automation. It is oriented to the residential control and automation market and is intended to provide a simple and reliable method to wirelessly control lighting, HAVC, security system, home cinema, automated window treatment, swimming pool and spa control and garage and home access control…”

Z-wave uses extremely low voltages, so it will last for years without replacing battery power. The beauty of Z-wave technology is that a user can connect the digital door lock with trendy smart home systems such as Amazon Echo, Samsung Smart-things Hub, Google smart home and more. With Z-wave door lock, a user can unlock the digital door locks with voice commands such as open the door and so on. Digital door lock can increase your home value

A digital door lock can be used as a sales tool

Let’s imagine that John wants to sell his home on the market. By simply installing the digital door lock, John can give the favorable first impression to a potential buyer by demonstrating open the door with RFID card or using his fingerprints and so on. This can be worked as an attention getter.


Do Installing digital door locks make your home safer?

Digital door locks don’t add any extra security than a traditional door lock. You can think as having a smart door lock like driving a car with a smart key. The main selling point for digital door lock will be the convenience. Having a digital door lock will make your life easier, and for some folks, the convenience is all that matters.

Adding extra security advice

  • - Avoid using hollow wood exterior doors and try to use either solid wood or steel doors
  • - Reinforce door jambs with additional steel plates. This will make the door stronger to kick in
  • - Use heavy duty metal strike plates, and secure the door with three-inch screws
  • - For glass doors, rather than using regular glass material, try to use a glass with shatter-proof grade
  • - Make sure lock your door even for a short time