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2016 Silver A ’Design Award Winner ‘BlackVue DR650S-2CH’ Dash Cam

BlackVue DR650S-2CH is one of the best dash cam on the market

blackvue dr650s 2ch

BlackVue DR 650S model supports cloud server uploading technology with wireless live view function. As you can see from the product model name, DR650S-2CH is a dual channel (front and rear) dash cam. Dual channel capability will assure that your vehicle is under the full protection from all kind of car accidents. Besides dual channel capacity, DR650S-2CH provides full of the rich functions such as Wi-Fi, GPS, and unexpected impact detection. Even more, with the sleek and simple product design, Black DR 650S Model won’t block the driver eyesight.

BlackVue DR650S Main Product Features

Front and Rear Dual Channel with Cloud support

DR650S 2CH Dash Cam supports 1080p full HD for front and 720p for rear dash cam with 30fps. 650S 2CH records the front and rear view footage at 129 angles of the view. Monitor your vehicle anywhere, anytime with the complimentary BlackVue Over the Cloud service.

Motion and Impact Detection

blackvue dr650s 2ch impact detection

BlackVue DR650S provides three recording modes such as normal, event, and parking. For a user convenience, this mode will be set up automatically depending on the driver’s environments. Dash cam footage files are saved and marked optimally. And a user can find a file conveniently with the BlackVue Viewer program.
Loop Recording: When your dash cam memory reaches full, BlackVue will re-write the oldest files automatically.


blackvue app

BlackVue provides APP and Viewer program. And this software is free to download. By using these complimentary APP and BlackVue Viewer, a user can change the configuration settings and browses the video footage conveniently.
By using the BlackVue app, a user can connect the dash cam on Wi-Fi and can enable the real-time live view function.


blackvue dr650s sleek design

As the 2016 Silver A ’Design Award Winner dash cam, DR650S-2CH is designed user-friendly. For examples, by simply waving your hand in front of the dash cam, a user can control the audio recording power on/off. And with one click of the button, a user can control WI-FI function ON/OFF (short press) or by holding the button for 10 seconds; a user can format the micro SD card. Besides, the user instructed functions are repeated by BlackVue voice prompt.


blackvue dr650s 2ch built in wifi

Built-in GPS function provides geolocation and speed information on your recording video. With Wi-Fi connection, a user can use the BlackVue Over the Cloud service which supports live view monitoring on your dash cam.


blackvue over the cloud

BlackVue Cloud service provides the remote live view with push notification on your smartphone. BlackVue Cloud service will protect your dash cam footage from all kind of incidents such as Micro SD card malfunction, water damages and, unexpected failure on your dash cam. Moreover, a user can play and download the dash cam footage anywhere and anytime with the cloud service. For the detailed info, please check the BlackVue Over the Cloud Page.

New Release Tamper-Proof Case (Optional)

blackvue temper proof case

Tamper-Proof Case is designed for BlackVue DR650S series. This will protect any harmful physical access to the Micro SD card slot and will prevent sudden unplugging the power and cables.


power magic pro
blackvue battery pack

With Power Magic Pro or Power Magic Battery Pack, you can monitor your vehicle even you are not around. Knowing that, you will have peace of mind. And under the parking mode, your dash cam video will be saved automatically only when your dash cam senses either motion or impact. In a nutshell, power magic pro controls the BlackVue dash cam voltage consumption to prevent the vehicle battery discharge. Knowing that, a user can enjoy the parking mode monitoring system without worrying about your vehicle battery drain.