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Do not buy parallel import door locks

Since we are the sole official Samsung door lock dealer in the U.S with the direct contact info (855)432-2886, we often got numerous phone calls complaining their door lock purchases; the worse thing is that they couldn’t find contact number for the technical supports such as installation, door lock setup inquiries and so on.


Main Issues

We figured out that some Samsung door locks sold on either eBay or Amazon are coming from Korea. These parallel import door locks are not authorized to sell in the U.S. Samsung hasn’t allowed these sellers. For the above reasons, the parallel import door locks are not eligible for any technical assistance including in-house technical supports from HDVideoDepot.com and product parts supports from Samsung SDS (formally known as Samsung Ezon).


The following clues are the sign of unauthorized Samsung door locks

  • - Product and package wordings are written in Korean.
  • - Missing hard covered original English manual.
  • - Does not support English voice prompt; literally, these door locks speak Korean.

Furthermore, the PI version Samsung door locks are designed for Korea normal dry weather; these door locks are not suitable for high humidity weather. Under the humid temperature, PI version door lock may cause product malfunction. Of course, people who purchased PI version won’t get any official technical support.