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Do I need to buy Power Magic Pro?

Do I need Power Magic Pro?

When a dash cam is operating, it generally gets the power source from vehicle 12v battery. Without proper dash cam power setup, this will drain your car battery. To prevent a car battery discharge, BlackVue released Power Magic Pro.

What is Power Magic Pro?

Power magic pro provides power to your BlackVue dashcam from your car battery source. Power magic pro is a kind of middle agent. It configures optimal dash cam voltage and dash cam operating time interval to keep your car from battery discharge.

Power Magic Pro Main Function

Auto Timer Power Shut-Off Setting

A user can set power supply duration from 6 hours to infinity. This setting only works when a car ignition is off, and the timer stops when the car ignition is on.

Low Voltage Optimal Cut-Off Setting


When a car ignition switch is on, Power Magic Pro checks your car battery level when BlackVue dashcam is operating. If the car battery level drops below the low voltage cut-off setting, power magic pro will cut off the power to dash cam to prevent car battery discharge.

Provide the source of power to BlackVue dashcam even in parking mode w/ Power Magic Pro or BlackVue Battery Pack


 Even you are away from your vehicle; Power Magic Pro will monitor your vehicle. It will use your dash cam memory only if something happens to the cars such as motion or impact is detected.