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About Parking Mode

Dashcams are designed to record your drive,
but did you know BlackVue dashboard cameras can also monitor your car when you are away?
It is a very useful feature to have if you are worried about hit-and-runs or vandalism on your parked vehicle.
All BlackVue dashcams feature Parking Mode monitoring.
Here we share a few things to know about Parking Mode.




When does the dashcam switch to Parking Mode?

BlackVue Parking Mode activates after the dashcam’s accelerometer detects that the vehicle is stationary for five minutes.


A word about DR900S and DR750S Series Parking Modes

Since August 2018, BlackVue DR900S Series and DR750S Series dashcams support two different Parking Modes: 

  • The default Motion & Impact Detection mode, with the addition of selectable detection regions. 
  • Time lapse (with buffered Events videos in case of impact).

Learn more about these two modes.

Unless mentioned otherwise, the instructions on this page refer to Motion & Impact Detection Parking Mode.


Motion & Impact Detection mode


Motion & Impact Detection Parking Mode detects both:

  • Motions recorded by the image sensor (Parking Mode files marked “P” in the file list).
  • Impacts detected by the accelerometer/G-sensor (Event files marked “E” in the file list).

With the DR900S and DR750S Series dashcams, users have the added possibility to choose detection regions to reduce the risk of triggering too many motion recordings due to trees swaying in the wind, far away moving objects, etc.

Time lapse mode

Time lapse with buffered Event videos
Time lapse with buffered Event videos

Time Lapse Parking Mode allows your dashcam to continuously record at 1FPS (one frame per second). Videos are played back at 30FPS. 

Each 1-minute Time lapse Parking Mode video covers a real-time period of 30 minutes (Time lapse Parking Mode files are marked “P” in the file list).

This mode allows to cover a period of more than 27 hours on a 16GB microSD card for a dual-channel model at the highest (Extreme) quality setting.

Additionally, when impacts are detected, the dashcam creates a buffered Event video.

How does the dashcam record in Parking Mode?

In Parking Mode, your BlackVue is active all the time but does not write to the memory card, unless:

  • Movement is detected by the front or rear camera (sensitivity can be adjusted or turned off). In this case, it creates a one-minute Parking video recording that starts a few seconds before the trigger*.
  • An impact or vibration is picked up by the dashcam’s accelerometer (sensitivity can be adjusted). In this case, it creates a one-minute Event video recording that starts a few seconds before the trigger*.

*The BlackVue constantly keeps the last few seconds of video in its buffer memory so as to catch the actions that led to the trigger.

What are the advantages of Parking Mode over Normal Mode?

In Parking Mode, because it only records when something happens, your BlackVue minimizes the risks of overwriting important footage during long Parking Mode sessions.
It also reduces the stress on the microSD card, which helps extend the memory card’s lifespan.
Additionally, the GPS module is turned off during Parking Mode, which reduces power consumption.

I have a dual-channel dashcam. Does Parking Mode work for both cameras?

The Parking videos can be triggered by motion detected by either the front or the rear (or interior) camera.
The Event videos are triggered by vibrations detected by the accelerometer located in the front camera.
In either case, the dashcam will save videos recorded by both the front and rear cameras.

Can I deactivate Parking Mode?

Yes, Parking Mode can be deactivated in your camera’s settings.
In this case, the dashcam will continue recording in Normal Mode as long as it is powered, even if the vehicle is stationary for more than five minutes.

What do I need to use Parking Mode?

By default, BlackVue dashcams come with a male cigar lighter power adapter to plug in your vehicle’s cigar socket.
On the majority of vehicles, this cigar lighter socket is not powered unless ignition is on.
For this reason, Parking Mode usually requires to use a Parking Mode kit to connect to the vehicle’s battery or to use a dedicated battery pack.

BlackVue provides four options, subdivided in two categories:

  1. Parking Mode Kits:
    • Power Magic EZ (OBD Kit)
    • Power Magic Pro (Hardwiring Kit)
  1. Parking Mode Batteries:
    • Power Magic Battery Pack (B-112)
    • Power Magic Ultra Battery (B-124)