Why should I get a dash cam?

This probably isn’t a question people randomly sitting around think about, but it is one to those who have had close calls or accidents on the asphalt jungle. Let’s face it, in the world of motor vehicles no one wants to be at fault. Some motorists will even resolve to lie or cheat about how the incident occurred.

A dash cam is one of the single most important products you can purchase to protect the investment of your vehicle and your wallet.

Let me give you an example.

"I was riding with a friend in his truck. We were cruising through the furthest left lane and a car was pulling out of a nearby parking lot to our right further ahead. I said to my friend “that car looks like it is going to hit us,” as the car crossed all the lanes to get to the left turn lane. He replied, “It better not.” And then, it happened. The other motorist smacked into my friend’s front fender. @#$% was all that came out of my friends mouth. They stopped and exchanged information. The other motorist admitted it was their fault. I figured that was the end of it, what a waste of our time. Later on I found out that the other motorist claimed my friend switched lanes into them during the insurance investigation. The other motorist had more witnesses in their vehicle claiming the same so the insurance companies eventually sided with them. My friends insurance went up about 50% per month and he had to cough up $500 for his deductible. It makes me angry just typing it. Luckily, no one was hurt and they didn’t submit any false injury claims."

Needless to say some have experienced this scenario first hand and it is not a pleasant situation to be in. A dash cams price range can range from $60-500 depending on its features. Compared to a $500 deductible for each insurance incident and an increase in monthly insurance payments, it’s a small price to pay for a product that gives continued service.

Here are some of the many reasons why you should own a dash cam.


This is the main reason most consumers purchase a dash cam. Like our story above, the outcome would have been totally different. A dash cam is reliable evidence to determine the fault in an accident. It is much more than a witness statement and provides irrefutable evidence of the events that occurred.

Accidents can happen to anyone, anywhere. Even if you ‘re the best driver on the road, it doesn’t mean you’re invulnerable to the horde of bad drivers surrounding you. Protect yourself from the nonsense and headaches that is conflicting witness statements, 50/50 decisions (where everyone loses), and potential fraudsters.


Some of the higher end models of dash cams have a parking mode feature available. This allows the dash cam to continuously run while you leave your vehicle unattended doing whatever it is you do. Ever park at the grocery store for about 20 minutes and come out to see the front end of your car smacked into? Usually, when this happens the offending driver takes off and there is never a witness around.

Don’t worry because your dash cam caught the other driver in the act of terrible parking. They thought they could get away with the hit and run, but nope. You can just send the footage to the police showing the video of their license plate ramming into you.

Parking mode can also catch vandalism. If you wake up and your car looks slightly different with the new racing stripes from someone’s key, don’t worry. You can review the footage from that night to find out which significant other it was. Dash cam footage can help with pursuing the other party for damages and even act as evidence in criminal prosecution.


Some models of dash cams have an interior camera. You may find many transport vehicles with this type of dash cam installed. This includes taxis, Uber, buses, and fleet vehicles. This will provide a recording of interactions between passengers or keep an eye on your fleet workers to make sure they are doing their job.

An interior recording dash cam can protect the driver from false claims that can affect a company’s reputation and money. The dash cam can also function as a deterrent to violent or aggressive behavior if the passengers know they are being recorded. For business owners or managers, it can give a glimpse into the life of their fleet workers to see if they are actually working or just eating Cheetos all day.


This is an issue that just seems to be growing. Everyone wants to get a big payday in their life by working hard for a bonus or inventing stuff. Others try to get their payday by umm let’s see… how about jumping in front of a moving vehicle. People nowadays. Some attempts are so bad they can be ridiculously funny. Take for instance a pedestrian walks by and lies on top of your hood and starts screaming. But who is to say it’s not true unless you had proof from a dash cam.

There are many types of fraud out there. Like the ole car in front of you stomps on their brakes and you hit them routine. They talk to you fine after the accident but when the cops show up they are on the ground crying saying their neck is broke. You’re just standing there thinking who called the cops and why is this person on the ground now when they were fine just a minute ago. If you didn’t have a dash cam you would be standing there with your pants starting to sag from all the bricks filling them.

A dash cam gives you a fighting chance against fraudsters and scam artists. It could also help someone else if you catch it happening to another driver. You can be a hero and provide them with proof to save their day.


Not everything is doom and gloom with the uses of the dash cam. There are moments in life whether on purpose or not where having a dash cam comes in handy. Take for instance while driving and you see the most awesome or idiotic events unfolding before you. They can happen so quick you’re probably not fast enough to get your phone out to record in time. With a dash cam you now have a recording to show and brag to your friends or upload to your social media.

They can be used for documenting a road trip or your awesome driving skills. Some dash cams have audio recording so viewers can listen to your narration or excitement during the video events. There has also been some out of the box thinking of dash cam uses. I talked to some hunters who used a dash cam connected to a portable battery. They posted the camera on a tree behind them to document their time on the perch.

Dash cams capture the unexpected in your daily driving adventures. Whether the event was good or bad the recordings are there for you. They are designed for your personal safety and a tool for legal protection. The price of a dash cam seems relatively low compared to everything it provides. If you do own a dash cam and would like to share your footage, feel free to email us at Sales@hdvideodepot.com