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Samsung SHS-P717

Most convenient way to open doors, do not turn, but push!

No more grab and turn, just pull and push!
The push-pull door handle mechanism makes it easier to open and close the door than ever before.





Welcome feature for Users

The equipped IR sensor automatically activates the Welcome Feature, once
the sensor detects any motions within the range of 70cm.


Locking Notification Feature

The door dock automatically notifies their status on the touch panel, displaying
messages like ‘Locked’ and ‘Unlocked’, which adds value to the daily usage



Manner Mode for a quiet night outings

Any consumers wishing for a night outings without having to wake other family
members like children and babies, the Manner Mode feature is the solution,
where it temporarily blocks door operational sounds.


※ Before entering the password press [*] button, the Manner Mode will be
activated to eliminate any digital sounds for the door operation(password
keying sounds, voice messages etc.) temporarily.



Securing door management with robust dual

The doorlock equipped with dual protection of robust structures and anti-
hacking solution. The robust structure is formed by consolidating both handle
and main body producing more solid performance, the anti-hacking solution
added with password and encryption, which prevents any forced external
intrusion to maximize user safety.



Intruder prevention feature with one touch.

With a simple One Touch of ‘Home Shape’ button, users could provide against any external intrusion while outings.
During the feature activation, alarm chime breaks out if an intruder entered from windows; verandas etc. other than door (with installed door lock) try to operate the door lock inside the house


In home security feature

The ‘In home security feature’ prevents any external intruders by blocking door lock operations (password and key-tags no longer works).



Appropriate access controls for various styles

Various access controls of password and standard key-tag (as a mobile phone
hanger accessory) to smart tags format (be able to attach to wallets and mobile
phones) promise more convenience to users and from losing them.



Globally approved technology and quality of

With globally approved Samsung’s quality and reliability validation,
Push Pull owns 14 cases (Inc. 3 international) of patent application.
Also, with ‘Two Way Latch Mortise’, an overall door
operation (open/close) has improved with confidence.

※ Self-Inspection 100K times