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Samsung SHS-H505

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Samsung Digital Door Lock

Wide Touch Pad Screen
Automatic Locking
Keypad Volume Control
Low Battery Indicator (Alarm & Light)

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User-friendly Accessibility

User Access Code


Key Tag


Mechanical Override Keys



Automatic Locking

Door lock will be locked automatically when your door is closed.



Keypad Volume Control

Volume adjustable (3 levels including mute)


Fingerprint Marks are No Longer a Concern

User access code will be pressed after press two random numbers, preventing intruders from checking the fingerprint marks left

2 random numbers appear
before entering user
access code


Press the user access


Impossible to guess user
access code due to
random fingerprint marks



Enhanced Security

Physical jolts, unauthorized user access codes or cards activate the alarm.



Anti-panic Exit System

Allow you to open the door by simply turning its handle from inside.



Fire Detection Sensor

When the indoor temperature exceeds a certain limit, an alarm sounds and the door automatically opens.



Emergency Access

Jump starts the lock with a 9V battery for instant power.


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